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The Grammar Club

Mar 15, 2019

No Fake Friday - Neil Jung - Teenage Fanclub cover

This song appears on the Teenage Fanclub album "Grand Prix", and I bought the CD because it contains a special one-of-a-kind monster in the Playstation game "Monster Rancher". As it turns out - I adore the music on the disc, which was a very nice bonus. 


The Grammar Club

Mar 08, 2019

No Fake Friday - The Word Girl (Flesh and Blood) - Scritti Politti Cover

Green Gartside is one of my favorite songwriters, and I would strongly consider "Cupid & Psyche 85" as a contender for one of my top favorite albums ever made. This was a challenge, and while I don't believe I nailed it? I could have done worse. 


The Grammar Club

Mar 01, 2019

No Fake Friday - No Myth - Michael Penn cover

Here we are again. Under the gun, and recording a cover the night before it is due. It's a classic gem of a song that I like to pull out on occasion during acoustic gigs. Had never tried to do the full band thing with it 'though. Was quite fun, even as I raced the clock to complete it.

We have been re-arranging the house recently, and that definitely includes the music room. You might see some minor changes in this video, and there are more to come. I feel like I am going to enjoy this space even more once everything finds a home and falls into place.


The Grammar Club

Feb 22, 2019

No Fake Friday - Got it Made - Paul Westerberg cover

Okay, so the song is technically credited to User 964848511 on Soundcloud, but it was fairly clear right away that this was a Paul Westerberg song. With keyboards! I found myself wondering if this was a song he created after injuring his hand, since there isn't much guitar in the original. 

Paul is brililant, and I will buy any of his music that I can get my hands on. I trust his output enough that I don't have to hear it first. It's usually a safe bet that I will love what he did.


The Grammar Club

Feb 15, 2019

No Fake Friday - Silly Love Songs (Wings cover)

When your wife asks you to cover a song for No Fake Friday, and it's close to Valentine's Day? It's a good move to honor that request.

It doesn't hurt that I adore the bass line in this song. This was one of the 45's in my parents' record collection, so I grew up with this composition. Incredibly fun to play, and definitely a bit of a challenge. I love the staggered vocal parts too.

I do think Wings doesn't get as much love as the band deserves. Anything that Paul McCartney was going to do after the Beatles was probably going to fall short of that band when it comes to public opinion, but there are some super solid songs in the Wings catalog.


The Grammar Club

Feb 08, 2019

No Fake Friday - Dear Life (feat. David Youd) (Beck cover)

I'm thrilled to have collaborated with David Youd on this one. I met David at Portland Retro Gaming Expo in 2018. We bonded over Tempest, the classic arcade game.

In addition to being a fantastic piano player, he is the genius behind this popular video of Otamatones playing the theme from the Legend of Zelda. His YouTube channel is filled with all kinds of other curiosities and fun experiments, most of them music related.

In short - David is super creative, and a nice guy, too.

In all fairness: There are a couple of vocal parts that I added off-camera, but I decided not to get TOO wild with it. The majority of what you see here is what happened, and what you are hearing in the final mix.


The Grammar Club

Feb 01, 2019

Glenn Case - #Jamuary 2019

31 songs in 31 days! It happened! Here's one convenient place for you to hear my #Jamuary output for January of 2019. 

$10 patrons are about to get a zip file of all the mp3s. The rest of you can listen on Bandcamp, 'though!


The Grammar Club

Feb 01, 2019

No Fake Friday - She's Electric (Oasis Cover)

"I'll take 'Oasis songs that are not 'Wonderwall' for $800, Alex!"

In my estimation, there are two nearly perfect Oasis albums - "Definitely Maybe", and "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" I ADORED Oasis when these albums came out, and then I started reading articles and watching interviews... The more that I learned about the brothers Gallagher, the less I found myself able to enjoy the band.

So, it was honestly a relief when I didn't hear much of anything else by Oasis that I liked after these two albums. I have gone back and attempted to listen to their later albums with fresh ears, and none of it really connects for me. Your mileage may vary.

The problem might very well be that the standard was set very, very high with the two aforementioned albums. There really isn't a bad song in the bunch. This particular song is very, very fun to play and sing. I would love to tackle "Slide Away" at some point as well.

I'll gladly take song suggestions of what I should listen to if you feel like I have overlooked some gems on their later albums. 


The Grammar Club

Jan 25, 2019

No Fake Friday - Karma Chameleon (Culture Club Cover)

Clearly, the next logical step after covers from Smashing Pumpkins, Toadies, and Funland is - Culture Club! Am I right?

Okay, so admittedly I am probably changing things up a bit here. Still, I grew up adoring popular music in the 1980's, and that never really changed. I still have a soft spot for the era, and I do feel like the decade tends to get a lot more hate than is deserved.

I was born on the same day as Boy George, and I used to get teased for that. It assuredly doesn't bother me now.

Ultimately, in my estimation Boy George was (and is) a pretty damn good singer, and Culture Club has some fantastic, timeless material. I could have just as easily chosen "Time (Clock of the Heart), or "Church of the Poison Mind", but this song is a go-to when I am playing acoustic sets. I needed to try to get ahead of the No Fake Friday videos before the #Jamuary songwriting challenge started, and I succeeded by picking some songs I already knew fairly well.


The Grammar Club

Jan 21, 2019

No Fake... Monday? - Do You Have it In Your Heart - Debbie Gibson cover

Recorded on a whim yesterday after finishing a couple of original songs.

Attempted this song in celebration of the 26th anniversary of Debbie Gibson's "Body, Mind, Soul". I was going to save this for a No Fake Friday, but decided to make it a bonus instead. I did have to re-record the lead vocal because the one I recorded simultaneously with the piano clipped horribly in spots to the point of being unlistenable. I did try to get as close as I could with the alternate vocal.

I tried filming with my phone instead of the usual camera, and I am not sure that I like it. The focus was/is freaking out, so I would need to make some adjustments before trying again.

I purchased "Body, Mind, Soul" years ago not necessarily expecting much, and I was absolutely blown away by "Love or Money", this song, and a few others from the album.

Embarrassing story time! As you likely know - I am always obsessed with something, and I became obsessed with Debbie Gibson right around the time this album was released. My younger, naive self thought "One of these days I am going to meet her, we're going to write songs together, and it's going to be fantastic! We will play Tetris! (She mentioned Tetris in the liner notes of the album.)" I even wrote songs ABOUT her - I meant well, and had innocent enough intentions but the lyrics were bordering on stalker status, and I recognize that now. I mailed them to her fan club, and I pray she never got them. Hopefully those songs will not see the light of day while I am alive because they are embarrassing as hell.  Some damn decent melodies 'though. Might have to go back and re-work a couple of those at some point.

Whatever opinion you might have of Ms. Gibson, this is a fantastic song. I highly recommend checking out the original. I feel it holds up quite well, and I am shocked that it doesn't appear to have been released as a single. That high note she hits in the song is absolutely outrageous, and seems like it shouldn't be possible to hit. (I sang the song an octave lower specifically to avoid that note.)


The Grammar Club

Jan 20, 2019

No Fake Friday mp3s - 2018

Hi all, Glenn here.

There was a recent request for mp3s of the No Fake Friday submissions I have been making. Therefore, I have added mp3 links to all of the 2018 No Fake Friday posts since there seems to be at least some demand for them.

Additionally, there is a zip file of the mp3s attached here.
I should also have mp3s for the 2019 No Fake Fridays ready within a couple of hours. 

These performances are far from perfect, but I hope you'll enjoy them anyway. Or don't. It's fine either way, really.

And finally, I would encourage you to seek out the original versions if you're not already familiar with them. Thus far - These are all songs that I enjoy quite a bit. 



The Grammar Club

Jan 18, 2019

No Fake Friday - City of Wet Angels (Funland Cover)

My friend Rob Storrs turned me on to the band Funland in the 90s when we both worked for a retailer that sold CDs, and he suggested I buy their "Sweetness" E.P. because I had been buying Air Supply albums at the time.  There is a fantastic Alternative/Grunge medley of Air Supply songs on the album called "Obligatory Cover for the Kids" that is fantastic! 

I ended up falling in love with this original composition by Funland, which leads off the album. The main guitar riff is super fun to play, and I love the lyrics, too.